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AMAL Therapeutics finalises €29m (CHF 33.2m) Series B round

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AMAL Therapeutics (AMAL), the Swiss biotech developing novel, peptide-based therapeutic cancer vaccines, today announces that it has completed the second closing of its Series B financing round. The second and final tranche of €21.2 million (CHF 24.2 million) brings the total round to just over €29 million (CHF 33.2 million).

The Company will use the funds to progress its lead vaccine (ATP128) toward clinical development and proof-of-concept in colorectal cancer, a leading cause of mortality and a significant market opportunity (€9.6 billion by 2025). The clinical trial is expected to start in summer 2019.

In addition, AMAL will further develop its proprietary technology KISIMA®, a unique self-adjuvanting protein-based immunisation platform capable of producing single therapeutic vaccines for immunotherapy and beyond.

KISIMA® enables the assembly of the following patented fusion proteins into one single vaccine: firstly, a proprietary cell-penetrating peptide for antigen delivery, secondly, a proprietary TLR- peptide agonist as adjuvant, and thirdly, a modulable multi-antigenic cargo that can be tailored for various indications.

The platform is highly versatile and can potentially be used to produce synthetic polypeptides for neoantigens or to provide modified antigen delivery. Alternatively, using a long peptide as cargo, the platform can carry a larger antigen portion containing multiple CD8 and CD4 epitopes for various HLA restrictions.