Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Two Decades of Pioneering Innovation
We were founded over two decades ago to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Swiss economy. Today, our team partners with outstanding individuals in Switzerland and Europe to build game changing companies. Our journey is defined by a resolute commitment to forging industry-leading companies alongside exceptional individuals.

Our Mission

To Fuel Brighter Futures
Our mission is clear: we invest in visionary entrepreneurs dedicated to solving today's most pressing challenges and creating a brighter tomorrow.

Our Strategy

Empowering Innovation in Key Sectors
Our strategy revolves around empowering entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of solving critical healthcare, scientific, and technological challenges. We focus on markets with the potential to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Our Goal

Leading the Way in Technology and Healthcare Investment
Our goal is ambitious — to stand out as the foremost technology and healthcare investor in Switzerland and Europe. We aspire to be the preferred partner and investor of choice, all while making a positive impact through responsible investment decisions.

Our Core Values

Compass for Action
People-Centric Approach: We firmly believe that people are the heart of all great ideas and businesses. Embracing empathy, trust, and accountability forms the bedrock of innovation, fosters collaboration, and drives outstanding results.

Championing Unconventional Thinking: We encourage diverse perspectives and unconventional thinking, different perspectives are not just encouraged but celebrated.

Curiosity as a Catalyst: Curiosity fuels our culture of lifelong learning. Our unquenchable thirst for exploration, discovery, and challenging assumptions allows us to inspire others and identify promising opportunities.

Encouraging Impact: We actively seek out individuals, companies, and ideas that have the potential to make significant, positive impacts on the world. Our commitment to responsible ownership and meticulous attention to detail underscores our approach.

We have over twenty Years of Resilience and Growth
We understand that the path to building the future is rarely smooth. Challenges such as missed targets, deadlines, and fluctuating stress levels are part of the journey. At Vi Partners, we've weathered it all, providing steady guidance, removing roadblocks, and offering support for the next phase of growth.

Partnering for Efficiency and Productivity
Time waits for no one. We prioritise efficiency, productivity, and transparency for the entrepreneurs we have the privilege of working with. As partners, we bring decades of experience to guide them. Our relationships with corporate and academia run deep. We are fortunate to historically include global leaders in the areas of robotics, consulting, engineering, production, insurance and finance in our investor base - ABB, Buhler, Credit Suisse, ETH, Hilti, McKinsey, Nestle, Schindler, Sulzer, Suva and ZKB.

A Multifaceted Investment Approach
Vi Partners prides itself on its interdisciplinary approach to selecting and supporting portfolio companies, with a geographic focus on Switzerland and neighboring region, while remaining open to opportunities that align with our mission, even beyond our immediate borders.

At Vi Partners, we continue to pioneer innovation and entrepreneurship, inspired by our rich history, strong values, and unwavering commitment to building a brighter future for all.