Cyrill Osterwalder

Venture Partner

Industry Team Technology

«Show me data that surprises.»
Cyrill Osterwalder


Cyrill is a Principal at VI Partners focused on Technology Investments.

Prior to joining VI Partners, Cyrill was a senior security and privacy engineering lead at Google from 2010 until 2018. His responsibilities at Google included ensuring that effective security and privacy controls are built into products, infrastructure and internal practices.

Before Google, Cyrill was Vice President of the web application security division at Phion, a company which got acquired by Barracuda Networks in 2009. Phion acquired the Web application security company Visonys in 2008 which Cyrill co-founded and ran as CTO and CEO since 2002.

In parallel to his professional career, Cyrill has been an early private investor (since 2013) in the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem.

Cyrill holds a master’s degree in computer science from ETH Zurich with a focus on information security and cryptography, as well as a degree in business administration.

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