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Portfolio – Feb 07, 2022

Altoida Partners With GN Group to Research and Develop New Cognitive Assessment Technology to Detect Mild Cognitive Impairment

Altoida, Inc. an AI company pioneering next-generation neurological disease diagnostics, and GN Group, a global leader in intelligent audio solutions, have signed a multi-year strategic partnership to research and develop new digital biomarkers for identifying Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). The research will serve as the backbone for new augmented reality tools to help at-risk individuals gain timely and accurate health insights using GN Group’s device technologies and, ultimately, to enable early detection of neurodegenerative diseases such as MCI and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Altoida’s technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze cognitive test results to help diagnose neurological diseases, like MCI and Alzheimer’s Disease. The proprietary digital test activities use augmented reality (AR) to simulate real-world activities of daily living and can be completed on a smartphone or tablet in under ten minutes. Altoida and GN Group will research if the detection of minor changes in cognitive function and diagnosis of the condition that early, before symptoms have even begun to appear, could help physicians begin to treat at-risk patients, potentially delaying the onset or lessening the severity of the neurodegenerative disease.

“Often-overlooked impairments in cognition and function may be the key to predicting that an individual will progress from an early preclinical or MCI stage to full onset of a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s Disease,” said Travis Bond, CEO of Altoida. “Through this partnership, Altoida and GN Group will be the first to scale the development of cognitive biomarkers using augmented reality to a large population to give people insight into their brain health and provide a better and earlier understanding of cognitive impairment.”

“We are proud and excited to progress our partnership with Altoida. This is a team of true pioneers and combining our innovation and technology platforms represents a strong foundation for the advancement of using digital biomarkers associated with cognitive function. We want to contribute to investigate new ways of detecting dementia early, to help the millions of patients that may progress to more serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s,” said Peter Aksel Villadsen, SVP at GN Group.

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