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Portfolio – Nov 11, 2021

Araris Biotech AG Expands Scientific Advisory Board with Appointment of Dr. Jeff Sharman and Dr. Clive Stanway

Araris Biotech AG, a company pioneering a proprietary antibody-drug conjugate (ADC)-linker technology, announced that the company is expanding its scientific advisory board with the appointment of Jeff Sharman, M.D. and Clive Stanway, Ph.D. These two leaders in the field of cancer therapeutics will provide expert support and guidance as Araris continues preclinical and clinical development of its ADCs, created using the company’s proprietary linker technology and assembly method for use in multiple cancer types.

Dr. Jeff Sharman is a practicing hematologist/oncologist at the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center in Eugene, Oregon. He serves as the medical director of hematology research for the US Oncology network where he has helped build one of the largest clinical research groups studying blood cancer. During his fellowship, Dr. Sharman pioneered the use of B-cell receptor antagonists and has since led numerous studies contributing to the development and regulatory approval of BTK and PI3K inhibitors in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Beyond these therapeutic classes, Dr. Sharman has played a role in development of several antibody-drug conjugates, immunotherapies, targeted agents and cellular therapies. He’s been engaged as a key opinion leader and served as a strategic consultant to many pharmaceutical companies designing and interpreting clinical trials to help position novel therapeutics for regulatory and commercial success. Dr. Sharman has served on numerous pharmaceutical scientific boards and steering committees.

“I’m excited to support Araris as the company continues to progress its ADC linker technology towards the clinic,” said Jeff Sharman, M.D. “ADCs have been proven as effective anti-cancer therapeutics. however there remains considerable room to improve upon this class of drugs. Araris’ linker has the potential to improve ADC therapies and make a real impact for patients and their families.”

Dr. Stanway currently works as an independent cancer drug discovery and development advisor. He is a non-executive director for Atelerix Ltd, CytoSeek Ltd and Babraham Bioscience Technologies and additionally serves on the scientific advisory boards of 4Bio Capital, Locki Therapeutics, NonExomics LLP and ANGLE plc. Trained as a scientist in cell and molecular biology at Imperial College and Oxford University, Dr. Stanway then rose to junior faculty status and subsequently transitioned into cancer drug discovery and development at Xenova, Prolifix and then Cancer Research UK where he established and led a team operating to pharmaceutical company standards. During his time at Cancer Research UK, Dr. Stanway spent many years as part of the executive team in the commercial arm, where he was a significant driver in the initiation and completion of various deals in the pharmaceutical sector, including companies such as Celgene and FORMA Therapeutics.

Dr. Stanway added, “Over my career I’ve been deeply involved in cancer biology research and the discovery and development of therapeutics arising from this insight. I look forward to joining the Araris team, whose linker technology has the potential to change the way ADCs are developed, and to providing my guidance to help advance this technology forward for those with cancer in need of new treatment options.”

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