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Portfolio – Jul 13, 2022

Morgen raises CHF 1 million in pre-seed funding to revolutionize time management

Backed by VI Partners, Morgen wants to be the only productivity tool worthy of your time

Zurich, Switzerland, July 13 2022 - Morgen, now in its second year, has raised $1 million in pre-seed funding. Swiss VI Partners led the round, with participation from New Forge. Angels Cornelia Gut- Villa and Cyrill Osterwalder rounded out the funding.

With the rise in remote and asynchronistic work, side gigs and global teams, time management has grown increasingly complex. A flood of productivity tools has left people shuffling between apps, all promising time savings. According to Morgen, the answer isn’t adding more tools. Better time management will come from simplifying – managing all aspects of one’s time in one place.

At its core, the Morgen platform is a calendar that is powerfully equipped with task planning and tracking, scheduling, and event management. Morgen integrates with leading apps and calendars (including Outlook, Google and iCal and Todoist), allowing users to manage professional and personal calendars, task management apps, and scheduling through the Morgen interface.

According to CEO and co-founder David Tedaldi, “most productivity apps solve one discrete problem. But jumping between to-do apps, scheduling tools, and multiple calendars doesn’t increase productivity - it simply fragments people's time. Instead, Morgen consolidates time management.”

Morgen (originally MineTime) was born out of CTO and co-founder Marco Ancona’s PhD research on AI in ETH Zurich’s Department of Computer Science. Ancona set out “to create an AI-powered calendar to help people save time. The prototype gained rapid traction.” As a bootstrapped company Morgen built a loyal and established user base, including thousands of paying subscribers.

Co-founder and advisor, Markus Gross, known for his leadership in deep tech startups and numerous exits, believes “Morgen will apply AI in a way that helps people make more informed decisions of how they spend their time based on priorities. It further removes tedious and administrative tasks, reducing errors, task switching and time wastage.”

The capital injection will help Morgen accelerate product development with next generation intelligence. While other competitors use broad algorithms to plan users’ days for them, Morgen wants to empower users with a real understanding of how they spend their time and provide individualized recommendations to increase effectiveness.

Olivier Laplace, Partner at VI Partners, led the financing round. “At VI Partners, we are passionate about the use of AI and data to increase talent productivity and wellbeing. We are convinced that Morgen’s innovative approach to time management will empower workers to take control of their time, better organizing all aspects of their professional and personal lives in line with what matters most to them.”

Morgen works across Windows, Mac and Linux. iOS and Android apps are in Beta with release dates expected in August.

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