Finetuning a key molecule to address calcification of blood vessels

Inositec is pioneering the development of life-saving small molecule drugs based on inositol phosphate. Inositol Phosphate is a natural facilitator of diverse cellular functions. Inositec uses its its broadly applicable Inositune™ technology to adjust the chemical and physical properties of inositol phosphate (IP6) analogs to develop a novel class of drugs focusing on calcification disorders. The lead compound INS-3001 is a cardiovascular calcification inhibitor in development for aortic valve stenosis.

Inositec was founded in December 2015 based on the award-winning research of Dr. Mattias Ivarsson, Prof. Jean-Christophe Leroux and Prof. Bastien Castagner at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. VI Partners seeded the company in a small syndicate of local investors. VI Partners evolved to become a significant Inositec shareholder and its investment manager Arnd Kaltofen has been working closely with Mattias and his team.

In 2021, Vifor Pharma acquired the company for an upfront payment of CHF 20m and milestone-based clinical earn-out payments in the low triple digit million range. VI Partners is proud having been an instrumental part of the Inositec story.

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Mattias Ivarsson

Jean-Christophe Leroux

Bastien Castagner

VI Partners

  • 2014

    VI Partners getting aware of research performed by later Inositec founders

  • 2016

    Seed funding round of CHF 1.4m

  • 2021

    Acquisition by Vifor Pharma

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