Highlife Medical

Highlife Medical

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Highlife Medical develops a new 2-component (“valve in ring”) transcatheter mitral valve replacement systems offering unique features for the treatment of mitral valve insufficiency. The transcatheter mitral valve implantation market is regarded as one of the most attractive markets in medical devices and is expected to reach more than 4.6bnUSD in 2027. VIPSI invested in Read the full article…

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Xigen is a pharmaceutical company spin-off from the University Hospital founded in 2002 in Lausanne. The company is based on comprehensive research activities in the field of intracellular peptide research and JNK inhibition. Xigen is focusing on the development of intracellular peptide therapeutics for the acute and short-term treatment of unmet medical needs in major Read the full article…

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Thommen Medical

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Thommen Medical AG was established in August 2001 in Waldenburg and has become established on the international market for implant dentistry very quickly as it is setting new standards with the Swiss Precision Implant System (SPI®System). Thommen Medical has wholly-owned subsidiaries in key markets such as Switzerland, Germany and the United States. Thommen was acquired Read the full article…

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SpineLab is dedicated to the emerging field of non-fusion spine technologies. The core product is a pedicle screw based elastic stabilization system: ElaSpine™. SpineLab is unique in that is has a simple approach to establish consistent biomechanical conditions. SpineLab’s patents cover a wide range of design options including minimally invasive approaches. SpineLab is based in Read the full article…

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Neocutis sells high end cosmeceutical products for the management of “stressed skin conditions” such as anti aging, anti wrinkles and increased skin texture. The company has put in place a highly motivated and efficient sales force in the USA selling into dermatologists and beauty surgeons. Neocutis has been sold to a German pharmaceutical company in Read the full article…

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Ganymed is developing monoclonal antibody therapeutics against solid tumors, where current therapies are poor and where there is an overriding medical need. Ganymed’s pan cancer surface antigens are uniquely specific for cancer tissues and can be expected to show greater therapeutic efficacy and better safety allowing significant reduction in time to market. Ganymed was sold Read the full article…

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ESBATech is a drug discovery and development company focusing on therapeutic applications of its proprietary antibody fragments derived from fully human antibody fragment scaffolds. ESBATech’s antibody fragments have high stability and production yield compared to conventional antibody fragments. This enables new therapeutic applications and reduces production costs. The company has several programs in pre-clinical and Read the full article…

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Endosense is a medical technology company based in Meyrin (GE) focused on catheter ablation treatments of cardiac rhythm disorders, including atrial fibrillation (AF). The company has developed and pioneered the use of contact force measurement in catheter ablation, with the development of the proprietary Touch+® sensor technology and TactiCath®, Endosense’s flagship product. AF is the Read the full article…

Merlion Log


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MerLion Pharmaceuticals is focusing on the development of finafloxacin; an atypical fluoroquinolone with outstanding safety profile and enhanced activity in acidified environments found in many infection sites (e.g. urine, abscesses, deep seated wounds, chronically infected tissues and stomach mucosa) and within the intracellular compartments of infected macrophages. Finafloxacin shows impressive activity against persistent and biofilm Read the full article…

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Sequana Medical

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Sequana Medical (former NovaShunt) founded in 2004, is a commercial stage medical device company based in Zurich that designs and develops automated implantable pump systems to move fluids around inside the body. Sequana is the leading innovator of a new category of patented technologies and products designed to remove chronic fluid build-up in the body. Read the full article…

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Jenavalve Technology

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JenaValve™ Technology is a medical device company specialized in developing minimally invasive heart valve replacement systems. JenaValve’s products offer a true and safe alternative to conventional surgery and to existing commercialized transcatheter devices. Jenavalve products are first in class second generation systems with improved technology, especially for correct positioning and repositioning. Learn more on https://jenavalve.com

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Kuros Biosciences

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Kuros Biosciences was formed as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute, ETHZ, and University of Zurich. Kuros aims to be a leader in the development of biologics and biomaterials for localized therapy within the core areas of sealants, orthobiologics and wound care. The product goal is to regenerate or restore the function of diseased Read the full article…

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Medlumics SL

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Medlumics is a Madrid-based MedTech company which develops Ablaview®, a unique RF irrigated ablation catheter system that merges photonics and miniaturized optics to guide device placement and directly assess the ablation lesions in real time. Several of the investors of Medlumics were also backing Endosense, a company in the same space acquired by Abbott (St. Read the full article…

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Genkyotex, a pharma company based in Geneva, is the leading developer of NOX inhibitors. The Company is developing first-in-class, small molecule therapeutics that selectively inhibit NOX enzymes. Genkyotex has built a pipeline of NOX inhibitors for different diseases led by the NOX1&4 inhibitor GKT137831, which is in advanced clinical development in several blockbuster indications. Genticel Read the full article…

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Inositec AG is a pre-clinical stage biotech spin-off from ETH Zurich developing innovative new drugs from its proprietary platform of inositol phosphate analogs with tunable properties (InosituneTM).  Inositec’s lead product is an inhibitor of Clostridium difficile toxins that aims to offer a highly differentiated, non-antibiotic oral treatment option for C. difficile infection patients. The second product is a vascular Read the full article…

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Edimer is a biotech company founded in 2008 and based in Cambridge US focusing on the development of innovative therapeutics for rare diseases. EDI 200 Fc-EDA1, its lead product is aimed at the treatment of X-Linked Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (XLHED), a rare inherited genetic disease affecting mainly baby boys. Moreover, Fc-EDA1 is in development for Read the full article…

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Covalys’ proprietary technology is based on unique protein tags (SNAP-, CLIP-, ACP/MCP-tags) which would greatly facilitate the purification, labeling and immobilization of proteins in their functional form, opening thus new opportunities for protein based research. Covalys’ tag technology combines specificity with high reliability, stability and a broad versatility in its applications. Covalys’ tag technolgy was Read the full article…

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The CeQur PaQ™ insulin delivery device is intended for continuous, subcutaneous delivery of insulin at set and variable rates for the management of diabetes mellitus in patients requiring insulin as prescribed by a physician. The technology is reliable, the design had met high industry standards and the IP situation (patentability and freedom to operate) is Read the full article…

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Kuur Therapeutics (form Cell Medica)

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Cell Medica is committed to improving patients’ lives through the significant therapeutic potential of cellular immunotherapy. Our approach is to apply innovative technologies with the aim of improving the treatment of cancer and immune reconstitution following hematopoietic stem cell transplant. VI became shareholder of Cell Medica through its acquisition of Delenex Therapeutics. Delenex was a Read the full article…

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Araris Biotech AG is a spin-off company from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and ETH Zurich focusing on a on a novel antibody-drug conjugate (ADC)-linker technology. ADCs deliver for example chemotherapeutic drugs specifically to the tumor and thus enable targeted chemotherapy. The stable and defined linkage of the drug to the antibody is essential for Read the full article…

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Amal Therapeutics SA is a spin-off from the University of Geneva. Amal develops KISIMA, its proprietary vaccine technology platform to progress therapeutic vaccines in oncology. KISIMA combines in one single recombinant protein a vector for targeted antigen delivery, a toll like receptor peptide agonist as adjuvant and a chimeric multi-antigenic construct as vaccine. The platform Read the full article…

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Based on 12 years of R&D and clinical trials with more than 2500 patients, Altoida has developed complex everyday activities providing neuromotor biomarkers that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease 5 years prior to onset with 94% accuracy using smartphones and augmented reality. Altoida’s technology will power apps that target both consumer and professionals markets. Learn more Read the full article…